Phra Palat Anandapanyo

Phra Palat Anandapanyo, born Arnold Thian-Ngern, was ordained on May 20, 2009. img_7453Since that day, he has dedicated his life to learning and spreading the teachings of the Lord Buddha in the style of Phra Ajahn Thoon Khippapanyo ( click here for his teachings – talks, books,…). Phra Anandapanyo started practicing Buddhism as a layperson under the direct tutelage of Luang Por Thoon and his one of his foremost students in Mae Chee Yo (his mother), and many other important members of KPY.

While in the United States, Phra Anandapanyo stays at Wat San Fran Dhammaram Temple in San Francisco. There he serves as the assistant to the Abbot and also one of the fluent English speaking monks at the temple. Phra Anandapanyo was born and raised in San Francisco and therefore speaks English as his first language. Luckily for him, his father and mother also taught him Thai simultaneously. At Wat San Fran Dhammaram, Phra Anandapanyo gives valuable insight into the Dhamma for English and Thai speakers alike. Once a year, Phra Anandapanyo along with many members of KPY help organize and run KPY’s annual Retreat (click here for pictures from 2008, 2009, 2010). Phra Anandapanyo is responsible for some of the memorable activities, games and invigorating hikes!

While in Thailand, Phra Anandapanyo often gives small talks and runs mini-retreats in the style of KPY. Phra Anandapanyo is known for his ability to understand and communicate with both children and adults. Phra Anandapanyo has won over the hearts of many children in Thailand who now follow and practice the teachings of Acariya Thoon Khippapanyo.

On June 10, 2013, due to his work with Saphanboon and other works in the name of Buddhism, Phra Anandapanyo was awarded the position of Phra Palat by Jao Khun Vinaya Meytee, the Assistant to Somdej MahaVirawong and Assistant to the Abbott of Wat Samphanthawong.

On top of all of this, in his spare time, Phra Anandapanyo writes blogs, translates Luang Por Thoon’s books and talks, helps run Wat San Fran Dhammaram and KPYUSA, and is the webmaster for and

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